Brexit…what it means for you.

From a legal perspective and regardless of one’s viewpoint concerning the merits, Brexit is undoubtedly the biggest ground-breaking development in British law for the last 50 – 75 years. It will impact on every single area, from competition and commercial law to employment and family law matters. Brexit will impact hugely on both domestic and international families.  Just two examples are the Brussells II and Maintenance Regulations which provide uniformity of jurisdiction between multi-national couples who come from, or are based in, different legal jurisdictions across Europe. These regulations also apply to families who are from outside of the EU, such as USA, Russia or Middle East, but who have interests or connections with the UK and/or other EU states.

Although it is too early to know if Brussells II and the Maintenance Regulation will be unravelled so far as the UK is concerned, there will be uncertainty and a lack of clarity for the long term. Important questions arise regarding the enforcement and recognition of English orders concerning children in other EU states in the future as well. However, with uncertainty also comes opportunity for some families. There are critical considerations for wealth and inter-generational planning.

We are monitoring events carefully for our existing clients so they remain fully appraised at all times. Please do get in touch with us to discuss the implications for your situation and so that you know which aspects may affect you most.

We have extensive experience in acting for individuals who live, or have lived, abroad or have assets or family located abroad.  Should you require advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be pleased to provide a full explanation of how Brexit impacts on your specific family and financial situation.  If you are considering divorcing or marriage and want to make sure that you, your family and your assets are protected in these times of change, please do get in touch.

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