All parents hold a common set of rights and responsibilities for their children. When relationships break down, it can sometimes be difficult for parents to agree on every aspect of co-parenting, particularly at the outset of separation. We help parents whose relationships have ended to achieve practical solutions to any disputes arising over the upbringing of their children. We are often able to provide advice at the outset that enables our clients to agree arrangements directly with the other parent which in turn reduces the potential for disagreement.

It is important to minimise the effect of separation and divorce on any children of the family and, much like the courts, we will always keep the child’s best interests at front of mind. We never forget that your children are your first priority and the most important people to consider and protect. We advise on all aspects of children law, including specific issues such as:

  • Frequency and duration of time with each parent
  • Questions of where the child should live, particularly for international families where there is often more than one country to consider
  • Finding the best arrangements for the family and children concerned, looking at their particular circumstances
  • Schooling
  • Emergency situations that require immediate court attention, for example risks of abduction or the wrongful retention of a child following a holiday with a parent based in another country.

Although it is often best for disputes to be resolved between the parents by agreement (which in turn can be assisted through mediation or the collaborative process), sometimes it becomes necessary for them to be resolved through the court process. We always aim to provide a service that fits our clients’ circumstances and places their children’s interests at its centre.