Divorce and Dissolution

Divorce is a stressful and daunting prospect for many of us. We understand the emotional drivers that lead to divorce and recognise the importance of dealing with matters in a sensitive but robust manner. Our clients appreciate the clear and tailored approach we take to divorce. We advise our clients on their options and explain clearly the outcome of each so that our clients can make their own informed decisions for their future. It is not easy to make the decision to divorce your spouse, however, if you decide to take that step then we can help to guide you through the necessary procedure to ensure that you emerge feeling that you understood the process and are happy with the outcome.

Most couples on divorce will need to settle their financial affairs which are often intertwined and can be complex. Each case is different and we have the experience to identify the important issues from the outset. We will identify any vulnerable assets, such as property located abroad, and act quickly to prevent dissipation, if there is a risk. We have frequently appeared in the High Court to apply for injunctive relief and do not hesitate to act when the situation requires it. If there is sufficient security in the UK we can take steps to register your interest in these assets and will keep you fully up to date with any steps taken.

Most couples find that they are able to reach agreement in regard their financial affairs without the need to resort to court proceedings. We are able to offer a full collaborative law service to enable a constructive and amicable approach to financial matters. We also suggest appropriately qualified mediators to help couples to come to a decision. We regularly deal with matters quickly, amicably and constructively though solicitor negotiation and can draft and review minutes of consent to enable financial agreements to be enshrined in Orders of the Court, thereby protecting the parties from dormant claims in the future and enabling both parties to move on with their lives. This is often the quickest and most cost efficient option.

There are alternatives to divorce, such as judicial separation which some favour as it does not formally dissolve the marriage. Judicial separation is far less common than divorce. A decree of nullity will either declare that the marriage is void (as if the marriage has never existed) or voidable (the marriage will be treated as lasting up to the nullity decree). The financial relief available is broadly the same as that available on divorce.

We work alongside the top barristers in the UK to ensure that, when court proceedings do become necessary, our clients are afforded the best representation in that arena.